Sunday, February 22, 2009


My small role for Telugu classes as Pupils own language(POL)

From 1968-1992 Telugu language was offered as an optional subject in LCE/PMR and MCE examinations in accordance to the Article 152(1)(b) of the Federal Constitution guarantees to teach or learn any other language. This goes back to the hard work of the Andhra Association of Malaysia(AAM)committee,then and to especially Sri M .D Somunaidu,General Secretary,then who serviced almost 25 years as General Secretary.

But it was strange that Telugu language classes were not conduct at any primary or secondary schools like Tamil and Chinese classes were conducted.

In 1971 when I was in Form 4 at SM Khir Johari, Sungai Sumun, Hutan Melintang, school badminton partner Sri Naidu who is now living in Kuala Trengganu known as Risal Naidu and I made an attempt to see the Headmaster who was then En. Ismail bin ...... to allow the POL classes for Telugu language. But before we went to see Dr Iswar who was then was in Form 1 or 2 assisted to gather details of all Telugu students of the school then.

The Headmaster briefed us that there is no allocation or budgar or lot to allow teaching of Telugu language as POL. However, he promised us that he would write to the Education Departments concern.

Hence, in the 1972 the start of teaching POL classes begin for Telugu language around the country where ever there was request by at least 15 students/ parents for teaching Telugu POL classes.

AAM or later known as TAM was or is still encouraging Telugu students to take up Telugu classes.

With the beginning of Telugu POL classes, there were also other activities such as ‘Bahasa Telugu’ clubs and Ugadi celebrations were established in the schools. I believe one of the first chairmen of such club was Sri R. Krishnamorthy (MBF) for SM Khir Johari, Sungai Sumun.

Whereas, in the year of 2004, Telugu POL classes were denied in Kedah/ Perak states thus I have being the General Secretary of TAM, then wrote and followed up about the issue to the Education Department and other departments concerned until it was again sanctioned.

Again in the year of 2006, Telugu POL classes were denied in Perak state hence I did the follow-ups to the Education Department and other departments concern until it was again sanctioned.

We only ask our mother-tongue which was here prior to independence and after independence till 1992 to be reinstated in PMR/SPM examination so that Telugu language and culture will not be decimated. Loss of Telugu language and culture will be a dent to the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia.

So, by including Telugu language in PMR/SPM it will facilitate our efforts immensely and it will spur us further in the promotion of Telugu language and the students too will be motivated to take the subject.


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  2. A profound resoluted leader who has an unflagging enthusiasm is very much appreciated.
    Keep up the good work!
    Jai Telugu Thalli.
    A true follower.

  3. good work, a great inspiration for telugus community.