Thursday, February 5, 2009


From the day of independence, the Telugu society had never once let down to give its sincere and strong support to the Barisan Nasional. The community has strived to excel in all walks of life and contributed in many ways to the development and peace of this country for all most a century. The Telugu community has been a peaceful citizen and posed no burden to the government in any way. Obviously, until today the close to 300K Telugu populations in Malaysia was not given a fair attention and the privilege to view their mother tongue programs. To quote our honorable PM, `tell the truth`, when there is no one to tell out our true grievance we say that we are indeed sidelined from the existence as

It has been decades the responsible broadcasting Medias failed to fulfill the cries of the Telugu community in this country. Over private TV Astro only two Telugu films and a drama serial of the 4 repeated serials are shown for every week and appealing and begging them and the answer we got was” since 90 % of the Indians are Tamils taking care of them is good enough” for them. TV 3 and ntv 7 almost nil for Telugu programmes. Annually RTM promised to telecast 3 Telugu films over TV 2 but for this year only one Telugu film was shown during Telugu New Year in the late month March 2003. After which almost the past four months we were appealing and begging but nothing has happened. In many occasions, either directly or indirectly we have been deprived the rights to even enjoy basic entertainment in our own mother tongue via the public and private broadcasting TV stations. Even attempts after attempts we merely face negligence with unconvincingly feeble excuses from responsible quarters. There is evidence to point at like the “Prima” channel which partly caters Hindustanis speaking viewer hardly half the population of Telugu society. Looking at the way this community is positioned we foresee the society on the track of mere extinction.

To this issue there is a solution, it is fair to ask as a minority group like the Telugus in this country should be allowed to see their mother-tongue languages programmes over TV (mention the name of medium??? the service name??? ) like some of the VIPs and some hotels being allowed at a reasonably fee annually.
Looking at the reality there are a lot of Satellite Dishes around the country specially in the border towns and Sabah and Sarawak.
Why not make legal for minority groups such Telugus?
or sidelined the minority groups like the Telugu community in this country.

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  1. I do agree with the writer. In fact malaysia should be allowed to use parabolic dish for TVRO purpose. There are 2 reasons which are malaysia are aware about user rights (hak hak pengguna) and malaysian with so many races and group (in harmony way) have different taste and favourite which i dont think government can entertain all their needs. Like Telegu, urdu gujrati punjabi indo malaysian, javanese, thai malaysian, expartriate - from so many countries france, australia, china, middle east etc etc have their own favourite and need include their mother tounge langguage tv programmes. Moreoever i do think malaysia government should think and revise the old law which banned the use of TVRO. Nowadays we have borderless technology which called internet which i dont think it relevent anymore to banned TVRO. In 80s maybe it the right thing to banned TVRO where even malaysian dont ever think someday there will a new technology like nowaday (internet). But now it not relevent anymore!!!!.It will be wise to government to implement reasonable fees to malaysian want to use it privately like last time TV license. This will bring more income to the government compare to give only to VIPs and some hotel only. Furthermore sooner or later with high speed internet broadband (like e-metro from TM and wimax technology)up to or more than 10mbps speed people can watch tvonline without hassle. Whcih the contain of tvonline will more far beyond contain in tvro that we can get in malaysia which depend on geography factor (cannot get all USA or west country program). So when that time come what next government excuse ????? we wait and see only !!!