Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday To Telugu Film James Bond & Cowboy Actor who take a giant lead forward

Super Star Krishna - సూపర్ స్టార్ కృష్ణ

Super Star Krishna

Chattamaneni Siva Rama Krishna born May 31, 1943), commonly referred to as Super Star krishna, is one of Tollywood's most prolific actors. A prolific risk taker, his derring-dos have played an instrumental role in enabling the Telugu film industry take a giant leap forward.

Having acted in more than 350 movies, He is credited with introducing many firsts in Telugu film Industry like first Colour movie (Tene Manasulu (1965)), first Cinemascope movie (Alluri Seetharama Raju ), first 70mm movie (Simhasanam), first DTS Movie (Telugu Veera Levara). He is very experimental and the first ever hero to introduce cowboy and James Bond style to Telugu screen. In addition to acting he also directed 17 feature films and produced many films under his Padmalaya Film Studio banner. He was also elected as a Member of Parliament from Eluru under Congress Party. In 2009, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Bhushan for his contributions towards Indian Cinema.

Tributes to Great Britisher who wrote Telugu- English Dictionary

Tributes paid to C.P. Brown

Charles Phillip Brown, a Britisher who served as Kadapa Collector, propagated the greatness of Telugu language across the world. The Collector and Yogi Vemana University Vice-Chancellor A. Ramachandra Reddy garlanded Brown's bronze bust and paid homage.

A British civil servant C.P. Brown, who was proficient in English, Greek, Latin, Arabic and Hindi, not only learnt to read, write and speak Telugu but collected manuscripts of Vemana's verses, noted works and Sathakams, and got them written by Telugu pundits and printed them in the form of books at his personal expense, Mr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar recalled at a meeting in C.P. Brown Language Research Centre here later. Brown wrote a Telugu-English dictionary and grammar. His yeoman services to preserve and give print form to invaluable manuscripts helped them reach the future generations, he stated.

C.P. Brown Memorial Library is at the place where the eminent man lived in Kadapa.

To keep Telugu language alive, as language was a powerful tool in the modern era. Like wish Japan gained hold over science and technology by translating vital scientific data into Japanese and Telugu should develop in a similar manner.

Dr. J. Hanumath Sastry, Dr. Bali Reddy, Dr. Bayya Reddy, YVU Head of Telugu Department R. Chandrasekhar Reddy, remembered Brown's invaluable contribution to Telugu language. Prof. Ramachandra Reddy released a book on C.P. Brown's biography authored by Dr. Hanumath Sastry. Brown Library researcher K. Narasimhulu, and poet Sasisri participated.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Launching of TAM Foundation 22/05/2011 @PWTC,Kuala Lumpur

About 80 students of Telugu Association of members' children were awarded with Medals, Certificates & Cash from RM500 to RM1500 for doing very well in their SPM/STPM

It is Malaysian Telugus' 50 years old dream coming true besides the gathering itself at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, which is the very first time in the TAM's history(my dream). I believe it has all started, way back in 2006 when Dr.Achaiah Kumar, then Deputy President and me( Vice President & Education chairman) attending the Malayalees(Amma) Education Fund Dinner. WE were very impressed with their Amma Education fund system. After which, I proposed "Establishment of Telugu Education Fund" together with the bylaws at one of the TAM Executive Committee which was later approved at 36th Biennial Delegates' Conference held on 29 October, 2006 as to establish "Education Trust Fund for TAM". Later in 2007 the TAM new committee organised a Gala Dinner raising funds but that it has not being registered for the reason that total fund has not reached 1 million. However when TAM Mega Event "An Evening with Prime Minister was held on 8/10/2010 at PICC Putrajaya and 3 millions from PM had made it reality.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Telugu on the signboards should be compulsorily anyway in the Telugu Country

Absence of Telugu on TTD signboards decried

Telugu enthusiasts are peeved over the conspicuous absence of Telugu on the signboards being displayed at the TTD offices, sections, play grounds, buses, in the pilgrim-related notice boards and so on at Tirupath and Tirumala.

The functionaries of the ‘Telugu Bhashabhimanula Ikya Vedika' have taken a delegation in this connection to the TTD's Executive Officer I.Y.R. Krishna Rao on Thursday and made no secret of their displeasure at Telugu getting a raw deal even in getting a place in the TTD signboards displayed at all important installations both at Tirupati and Tirumala. They are all, by and large only in English and not even their Telugu equivalents are written on the display boards, said Sakam Nagaraja and Nadendla Srimannarayana who led the delegation.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poor response from Malaysian Telugus for Telugu Movies in Malaysia

In Malaysia Telugu movies screening goes back to 60s. It was then, a Chinese company "Perak Film Distributor" from Teluk Intan.Followed by a group of Telugus from Bagan Pasir, Teluk Intan which then by late Athinarayana who took over from them. Later on Sri Venkatesah, then Asst General Secretary, Telugu Association of Malaysia was involved in screening until lately. Those days, Telugu movies were also screening at Estates and even at Andhra Association branches celebrations. As in 1982, on the official opening occasion programme of New Klang branch we screen "Sri Sri Muva " at Dewan Hamzah.Klang

Currently, a group Telugu boys from Andhra are helping us to bring latest Telugu movies to Malaysia but :- as follows Sri Sai Prasad Reddy says ...............

Hi every one, thanks for thinking about Telugu Movies, what I have observed in my Last 2 years Telugu movies screening in Malaysia, we are getting very poor response from Local Telugu Malaysians, even though for local Telugu Malaysians, we ...offered ticket price RM 13/- only, where as for Telugu people from India we are charging RM 15/-, to give Telugu Malaysians special discount. May be we need to talk with each Telugu association group to support Telugu movies in Malaysia.

Hari Vengat Rao
anna.....can we get the movie VEERA(RAVI TEJA MOVIE)..in malaysia.,...

  • 2 people like this.
    • Sai Prasad Reddy No Hari, as for Telugu Movies in Malaysia the response is very less, for time being we have no plans to release any New Telugu Movies. Thanks for your support to the Telugu Movies in Malaysia.
      Yesterday at 5:14pm ·
    • Urtrully Sayi Oh....hmm..so afta tis there is no telugu movies ah bro:D
      Yesterday at 5:52pm ·
    • Suria Prakash sai need any help dude?
      Yesterday at 9:30pm ·
    • Sai Prasad Reddy Hi Suria, Sayi, Hari we are screening Telugu Movies in Malaysia with lots of efforts (includes money, physical efforts), but the support we are getting from Telugu People in Malaysia is very less. We are thinking to stop the screening of New Telugu Movies in Malaysia from our side. May be other people might screen the teugu movies.
      Yesterday at 10:05pm ·
    • Suria Prakash chill sai... will think a way to work through it....
      Yesterday at 10:10pm ·
    • Subathra Devi
      hie guys... sai bro its gona b bad if thr is no screenin 4 telugu movies... coz oni nw days v r gettin a chance 2 watch telugu movies in theater n nw u givin a shockin news ... MAY B da repsonse is bad due to da venue... usually u guys s...creen it in sentul o colisuem... n im very sure many telugu ppl out thr IS STIL unaware bout telugumovie screenins... all i can say is v shud spread da news to multiple num of ppl as v can... but pls dun pull out coz u guys r doin an execellent job!! v need telugu movies in malaysia! :))))See More
      Yesterday at 10:36pm · · 4 peopleLoading...
    • Suria Prakash good subathra but we cant stop sai... coz sometimes we need to see his angle also....
      23 hours ago ·
    • Subathra Devi yeah i understood bro... so now its our turn 2 help him as well... v hav 2 help him ryte?
      23 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...
    • Sai Prasad Reddy
      Hi every one, thanks for thinking about Telugu Movies, what I have observed in my Last 2 years Telugu movies screening in Malaysia, we are getting very poor response from Local Telugu Malaysians, even though for local Telugu Malaysians, we ...offered ticket price RM 13/- only, where as for Telugu people from India we are charging RM 15/-, to give Telugu Malaysians special discount. May be we need to talk with each Telugu association group to support Telugu movies in Malaysia.See More
      23 hours ago · · 3 peopleLoading...
    • Hari Vengat Rao bro,pls bro.,...we need to telugu movies......we will give our full support.....this si the only chance we are getting to watch telugu movies.....pls bro......pls.....we will talk in a meeting one day.....pls bro....accept our meeting...
      23 hours ago · · 2 peopleLoading...
    • Hari Vengat Rao anna,pls understand we will go for a meeting with telugu association one day....even the president is coming for movies now days....so pls anna......lets have a tea talk,.,.,and pls release veera...
      23 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...
    • Suria Prakash chill sai... i told u before how system works and sometimes we need to lend in or fit in...
      23 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...
    • Urtrully Sayi i tink we mus have a table talk bro...:)
      22 hours ago ·
    • Hari Vengat Rao thats wat im thinking....we have to talk nto sai prasad
      22 hours ago ·
    • Sai Prasad Reddy Ok Sure Hari, Sayi, Suria we will have a meeting, then we discuss what we can do further to bring more people to our Telugu Movies in Malaysia. I amazed for your interest to the Telugu Movies in Malaysia. Lets have small meeting very soon. Thank you

Friday, May 6, 2011

Telugu movie 100 o/o Love - 6, 7 & 8/5/2011- Sentul, Kuala Lumpur

Youthful Love Entertainer “100% Love” New Telugu Movie releasing worldwide & in Malaysia on this week Friday (6th May, 2011).

Starring: Naga Chitanya (Nagarjuna’s Son) and milky beauty Tamanna.

Screening Theater/Cinema: Sentul Cinema, KL.

Screening Timings:

6th May (Friday): 8:30 PM & 10:45 PM (Premier Shows).

7th May (Saturday): 3:15 PM, 6:15 PM & 9:15 PM.

8th May (Sunday): 3:15 PM & 6:15 PM.

For tickets booking, Please contact:

SaiPrasad Reddy: 016 9487621, Seenu: 010 2074175,

Bhanu: 012 6316566

Please share this new Telugu movie "100% Love" information to all your known friends/family members/movie lovers.

Thanks & Regards,

SaiPrasad Reddy,

H/P: 016 9487621

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It is better late than Never

Promoting Telugu through World Wide Web

Global Internet Forum for Telugu (GIFT) formed to promote Telugu

GIFT to facilitate creation of ‘browsers', ‘page editors' to enable Telugu writing on Internet

Telugu is often dubbed the ‘second language' of Silicon Valley. The mother tongue of the largest number of foreign software and hardware engineers working in the San Francisco Bay area in the US, otherwise known as Silicon Valley, happens to be Telugu. Telugu as a language, however, has very little presence on the World Wide Web (W3).

Former Minister Mandali Buddha Prasad, who has been working for getting classical status for Telugu, said that efforts were being made to use the Internet to promote Telugu. But much work needs to be done because Telugu does not have its own search engine like Chinese or Japanese. Even neighbouring Tamil Nadu was way ahead, with its own Tamil search engine.

Tamil Nadu has conducted nine Internet conferences to promote computing in Tamil all over the world. The Tenth Tamil Internet Conference will be held in Philadelphia. The International Forum for Information Technology in Tamil (INFITT), in association with the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN), will conduct the conference in the second week of June.

The Global Internet Forum for Telugu (GIFT), a non-profit and non-government organisation, was recently formed on the lines of INFITT to promote Telugu on the W3. Mr. Buddha Prasad said that GIFT would work to facilitate the creation of ‘browsers' and ‘page editors' that would enable the free use of Telugu writing on the Internet.

Appeal to techies

The forum has appealed to Telugu software engineers and the government of Andhra Pradesh to work for the development of at least six variants of a Unicode Compliant Telugu Font, he said.

Currently, 80 per cent of Telugu printing takes place in non-unicode compliant font making all the digital content useless for further processing. Unicode enables cross-linguistic conversion and universal access. There is a need for the Andhra Pradesh government to become a member of the Unicode Consortium to gain voting rights and influence.

GIFT in association with the A.P. IT Department will hold its first International Telugu Internet Conference in Silicon Valley in the last week of September, Mr. Buddha Prasad said.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Memorial Tribute to Sree Sree Sai Baba on 1/5/2011 @ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Memorial Tribute to Sree Sree Sai Baba

It was an emotional spectacle as over 2000 devotes, friends,various religious leaders from various faith gathered at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre to pay tribute to the life and teaching of Great Sree Sree Sai Baba who left us on 24/4/2011, inspired millions of followers around the world as he taught about human values and inter-faith unity. Among those present were Rev Ratana from the Buddhist Maha Vihara,Dr John Gurusamy of the Council of Churches of Malaysia,Dr Kamar Oniah Kamaruzaman of the International Islamic University & Muthu Kumara Gurukkal, a religious advisor to the Malaysia Hindu Sanggam. Sree Sree Sai Baba's teachings


Organised by the Sathya Sai Baba Central Council of Malaysia, the memorial - :Sai Lives in Our Hearts". According to Council President, Prof Dr Suresh Govind, the Sai organisation in Malaysia dedicates itself to the elevation of human values, selfless service and nation building. He further added that "we work towards the promotion of national unity and inter religious harmony by deploying service activities to the poor and needy. This is the call by Sree Sree Sai Baba who encouraged his followers to reach out to those in hardship, regardless of race, religion or culture.

The Sathya Sai Baba Central Council of Malaysia oversees over 30 outreach programmes organised by 80 Sai centres nationwide. For further info: email: meng@yahoo.com or call 6017-657 1527