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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Andhra/Telugu Association of Malaysia Past HQ leaders from 1955 - 2006

As for internet records, I prepared the list of the past Andhra or currently known as Telugu Association of Malaysia leaders who served at the HQ till I served TAM (2006)  

On 17/7/1955 the Telugu community formed an organization called as Malaya Andhra Sangamu later  on 16 December 1963 as Andhra Association of Malaysia and from 1983 as TELUGU ASSOCATION OF MALAYSIA (TAM), which is also known as Malaysia Telugu Sangamu or as Persatuan Telugu Malaysia in the national language. The principal objective of the Telugu Association of Malaysia is to unite and merge the Telugus of the country under one roof in an effort to promote the language and culture of the community, their interests and general well being and to foster goodwill and racial harmony among the communities of Malaysia. TAM is serving about 300,000, Telugu population in this country. There are 30 branches nationwide,to date .

TAM was started on 17th July 1955 by our dynamic leaders. In conjunction with TAM 58th year TAM is organising special pooja at Sree Vengkateswara +Devastanamu as follows:

Date : 27th July 2013 (Sat) 
Time : 6.31pm Special pooja and Bhajan and followed by Annathanam
Venue : Sree Venkateswara Devastanamu Sg Sumun Bagan Datoh Perak 

TAM inviting all brothers & sisters to joint this special prayers, and get blessing from Lord Sree Venkatesvara on this special pooja. 
for further details Tel:03-4043 9999 Mr Vengkat : 019-2715059

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Adr Naidu 
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