Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Medical Education of Telugus of Malaysia

Medical Education of Telugus of Malaysia

Education has been the key foundation for all youths who are the future pillars of every society. It is very completive for the Malaysian Indians or Telugus to obtain entry into the local Malaysian universities. Many rich Malaysians Indians or Telugus secure a place in private colleges, which is very costly. But the Telugu youths who are generally from average earning families opt to work instead of pursing high education.

Malaysian Telugus who migrated to Malaya, then in the early 20th Century were mostly plantation workers in the rubber and coconut estates. Most of these Telugu immigrants were economically under privileged.

And since, the implementation of the donation policy, the medical fee and other related expenses has escalated to approximately RM350,000 for NRI/PIO’s residing outside India. The amount may be affordable figure for those from United States, United Kingdom or other forward countries. Unfortunately we, the Malaysia Telugus are unable to digest this kind of an amount for pursing higher education in India.

Here, we would like to take pride to say that in 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s it used to be common for the Malaysian Telugus students to purse his/ her medical degree in Andhra Pradesh or other parts of India.

Upon completion they returned as highly esteemed doctors and brought along the awareness and acquaintance of Telugu language and cultural heritage. I believe that the survival of the Telugu language, culture and tradition in Malaysia mainly depends on Andhra Pradesh.

Sadly today, due to the high cost of education in India we have lost or losing our Telugu students to countries like Ukraine, the Federation of Russia and Indonesia as it only cost average of RM170,000 for the entire course.

Since the year 2000 under the Reservation of seats allocated for the Telugu students of Malaysia with reference to the Health Medical and Family Welfare Department letter No 13434/E198-2 there has been only one Telugu student from Malaysia who pursed her MBBS degree at the Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam for almost RM200,000. But Goverment Order(GO) is not valid any more.

Telugu Community would like be glad if the Andhra Pradesh Government to grant us with five medical seats annual at any medical college which are recognized by the Malaysian government for nominal fee on about RM100,000.

Lately a number of Andhra Pradesh Medical colleges were recongised such as Andhra Medical Collage, Visakhapatnam, Kurnool Medical College, Guntur Medical College, Guntur, Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad and all the while the Osmania Medical College was recongised by JPA and MMC Malaysia.

Telugu Association of Malaysia should take up the task of continuing to persuade the Andhra Pradesh government for allocation seats,annually.