Thursday, October 29, 2009

Evergreen Telugu Leader of Malaysia

(next to Sri Paulnaidu and Thanalachumy)
Evergreen Telugu leader of Malaysia
The founder member of Andhra Association of Malaya(Malaysia)
General Secretary from 1955 till 1982
Still very active in Telugu Association activities
The Editor of Telugu Talli monthly 4-6 pages newsletter eversince 1986
Author - Telugu Bhaashaa Bodhini Form III - 1968
Telugu Bhaasha Std I,II,III & IV -1988-1991
Overseas Telugu Association - Hon. Secretary- 1975-1978
one of those first 100 MIC leaders to receive gold medal
Malaysian Indian Congress -Central Working Committiee- 1963- 1968
National Education (Indian Schools) Development Council-1958-1982

Friday, October 23, 2009

No Telugu programmes for Deepavali over Astro

It is truly sad and a disturbing Deepavali Sunday for all Malaysian Telugus. ASTRO shows its discrimination once again against the minorities in Malaysia particularly the Telugus. In spite of repeated appeals and request from Telugu viewers and the Telugu Association of Malaysia. ASTRO has turn deaf hear. There was no Telugu slot at all for Telugus who celebrated Deepavali on Saturday(17/10/09). Even the Sunday normal Telugu programmes slots were completely taken away which is the next day of Deepavali.

The PM calls for 1 Malaysia that is to accept and respect all cultural, religious and linguistic values by all Malaysian appears have not reached to ASTRO. I believe 1 Malaysia is not only focused on Malays, Chinese and Tamils in this country but also minorities like Telugus, Malayali, Punjabis and others.

Deepavali, a festival celebrated by all Hindus in the world but Astro is projecting as though if it belongs to only our Tamils brothers and sisters.

From the day of independence, the Telugu society had never once let down to give its sincere and strong support to the Ruling Government party. The community has strived to excel in all walks of life and contributed in many ways to the development and peace of this country for all most a century. The Telugu community has been a peaceful citizen and posed no burden to the government in any way.

Obviously, until today the close to 300K Telugu populations in Malaysia was not given a fair attention and the privilege and one of it is to view much of their mother tongue programmes.

It has been decades the responsible broadcasting Medias failed to fulfill the cries of the Telugu community in this country. Over private TV Astro which has 6 channels to cater for Indian views but very sadden that only 4 Telugu moives on sundays 4.00pm-6.30pm;mondays 1100am -1.30pm, wednesdays 2.00 am- 4.30 am & Thursday 4.00 pm - 6.30pm and a drama serial of the 4 repeated serials are shown for every week but whatever appealing and begging them, but unheard.

Annually RTM promised and even issued letter to WP/Selangor branch (Sri A Appanah Naidu was the chairman of the WP/Selangor branch, then) to telecast 3 Telugu films over TV 2. But to date, only 1 Telugu movie is shown during Telugu New Year. While TV 3 and Ntv 7 almost nil on Telugu programmes. And over Radio completely no Telugu slot on Sundays over Minnal Radio.

In many occasions, either directly or indirectly we have been deprived the rights to even enjoy basic entertainment in our own mother tongue via the public and private broadcasting TV stations. Even attempts after attempts we merely face negligence with unconvincingly feeble excuses from responsible quarters. Looking at the way this community is positioned we foresee the society on the track of mere extinction.To this issue, it is only fair to ask as a minority group like the Telugus in this country should be allowed to see their mother-tongue languages programmes over Satellite Tv being allowed. Anyway, there are thousand illegal satellite dishes around the country.

Looking at the reality, why not make legal for minority groups such as Telugus to view Satellite Tv?

“Hilang Bahasa Hilang Bangsa” dan “ Rakyat didahulukan Pencapaian diutamakan”
Reference: Dr Achaiah- TAM

Friday, October 16, 2009

Deepavali Telugu style

This year, Deepavali which falls on 17/10/2009 is on the last day of Lord Sree Venkateswara festival month. As to the records, this is a very rare co-incident and which has happened after 240 years.
For the Telugu Hindus, Deepavali or the Festival of Light is also another important celebration after Ugadi (Telugu New Year) and Sakranthri.

Deepavali, which is traditionally an occasion Indian communities to celebrate the victory of good over evil, is however observed a bit differently by the Telugus from the south..

While most Hindus take oil baths and offer prayers to deceased family members on Deepavali, but the Telugus does it during Sakranthri in January.

A day before Sakranthri is known as Boghi. And on Boghi day, Telugus will usually apply a mixture of tumeric powder, green bean paste and sesame oil on our bodies to symbolically remove impurities before gathering with other family members around a campfire. This is usually done in the early morning on the Boghi day.

On the Deepavali festival day after the morning baths, Telugus too will wear new clothes. As for the women, their sarees are usually tied in a kuddupaita style, where the pallu or the decorative end of the saree is draped over the right shoulder rather than the left shoulder as most of Telugus of Malaysia follow Vishakapatam suroundings of Andhra Pradesh Telugus does. On Deepavali day vegetarian food is observed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Andhra Pradesh Flood Fund by Telugu Ass. Malaysia

About a week ago, the floods in Andhra Pradesh caused extensive damage to property and crops besides human and animal causalities. About 90 villages on the bank of Krishana and Thugabadra rivers were affected. Andhra pradesh is facing its worst disaster - Kurnool , Mahabubnagar and Vijyawada districts are most affected with floods

About 1.34 laks of flood victims are taking shelter in 74 relief centres. About 11,600 houses were damaged fully, crops in 3,256 hectors were inundated.

On 10/10/2009 TAM organised Hi Tea reception to raise funds at the Telugu Samaskruthika Nilayam, Rawang, Malaysia.

As the collection is on going, and you are kindly invited to donate to TAM or bank in in favor of Telugu Association of Malaysia, CIMB Bank A/C No. 1408 – 1159380 – 00 – 4.

Afterwhich, make a copy of your bank in slip and write your name, address and tel. no. and SMS to below hp numbers or post to Telugu Bhavanamu9-1A, Udarama Complex, Jalan 1/64A,Off Jalan Ipoh 53500 Kuala Lumpur

Telugu Association of Malaysia take’s this opportunity to thank your kindself for your donations,assistance and support.

For more details kindly call Dr. Achaiah Kumar Rao at 012 – 3045594 /Sri G.T. Natchana at 012 – 2011214/ Sri Venkatesh 016-2154097

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paul Naidu -Telugu Samskruthika Nilayam

1990-2002/ 2004 -2006


Telugu Association of Malaysia

Telugu Samskruthika Nilayam -this project is the brain-child of Dr. Paul Naidu

Telugu Association of Malaysia (TAM) has embarked on an ambitious project to construct a Telugu Saamskruthika Nilayam(TSN) in an areacovering 2.5 acres, located north of Rawang town.Selangor, Malaysia.

Subsequently, after due valuation, the search and examination, the price was progressively re-negotiated until it was brought down. to RM1.25 million in the interest of the organization at large. If negotiating and striking a good deal was a tough job, the process of applying and obtaining a bank loan proved to be tougher. After much submitting and re-submitting, the bank approved the loan only after obtaining the personal undertaking of the President( Sri Paul naidu), General Secretary( Sri P S Ramanaidu) and General Treasurer ( Sri J S Maniam) to act as Guarantors.

And all along the Executive council members and branches of TAM had to launch a vigorous donation drive from North to South. Inspire of all the traveling, appealing, arguing and giving explanations of the above purchase. There were those members and well-wishers who gave TAM encouragement, motivation and moral support. At the end of day, RM500, 000/- cash was raised to facilitate the down payment.

Upon registration of the TSN property, the Gruha Pravesam was grandly officiated by Y Bhg Tan Sri Datuk Dr K R. Somasundram, Executive Chairman, NLFCS and about 500 graced this occasion on 20/8/2000.

In the 1980s, the purchasing of Telugu Bhavanamu along Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur under the leadership of Dr A C Apparao was like a dream coming true of our founders of Telugu Association while TSN was a more than reality of the present Telugus.

The main aim to establish a cultural centre for our Telugu community in line with our objectives of TAM - to promote Telugu language,art,culture,social and economic aspects of our community. The full fledge centre shall eventually provide a cultural centre, administrative office anda multi-purpose hall centre.

TSN will be the centre to propagate our rich Telugu cultural heritage in South East Asia.