Thursday, October 29, 2009

Evergreen Telugu Leader of Malaysia

(next to Sri Paulnaidu and Thanalachumy)
Evergreen Telugu leader of Malaysia
The founder member of Andhra Association of Malaya(Malaysia)
General Secretary from 1955 till 1982
Still very active in Telugu Association activities
The Editor of Telugu Talli monthly 4-6 pages newsletter eversince 1986
Author - Telugu Bhaashaa Bodhini Form III - 1968
Telugu Bhaasha Std I,II,III & IV -1988-1991
Overseas Telugu Association - Hon. Secretary- 1975-1978
one of those first 100 MIC leaders to receive gold medal
Malaysian Indian Congress -Central Working Committiee- 1963- 1968
National Education (Indian Schools) Development Council-1958-1982

1 comment:

  1. Enkatesulu,
    You are true to the passion in your heart about Telugu and Culture.

    You work your talk and hold your spirits high about Telugu and your pursue to excellence.

    I salute to that.
    Saw the picture of my Dad with you as a child is truly unbelievable.
    What a journey you made with my Dad.

    May you be blessed with more.
    I will join you in near future and lend you to make the journey better.

    Dr Radha Krishna.