Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all my viewers
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sri Venkateswara Devastanamu, Sungai Sumun,Perak, Malaysia

Lord Venkatesawara Maha Samprochanamu on 22/1/2010@ 10.55 am - 11.30 am
All are invited to participate in all the ceremonies and receive the divine grace of Ld Venkateswara. Sungai Sumun. This temple is along Jalan Bagan Datoh about 27 km(17 miles) from Teluk Intan, Perak which was established in the 80s.
In the year 1983,Sri Venkateswara Temple was build on the land donated by Sri S Nooknaidu, MP Appalanaidu,Appalanaidu Akiah, ME Maniam,BK Simachalam, Late Stephen Ramulu,D V Sri Ramulu, KS Somuniadu, Adari Ramulu and Smt Kishnammah under the chairmanship of Sri Gummadi Subrmaniam(1980- 1986) after which two chairman other were Sri S Nooknaidu(1987-1992 &2006- 2010) and Sri ME Maniam(1993- 2005).
In the year 1997, when Sri M E Maniam was the temple chairman and I was then Assistant General Secretary of TAM cum Chairman of Sabak Bernam Branch played the important role in the registration process of "Sree Venkateswara Alayamu Devotees Association", Teluk Bharu Village, Sungai Sumun, Hilir Perak, Perak and registration referance is(PPP/PK.292/97(4),PPP/PK.27/97(Registration No.1596) as to promote the temple,religion, co-operation in religious activities, bhajans and etc among the devotees of the temple and the Telugu Association of Malaysia.
A Telugu priest should be enlisted in this temple as to conduct pujas,any prayers and Telugu weddings in line with Telugu tradition,customs and culture. And to see this as reality it depends on us and TAM?
to be continued

Sunday, December 13, 2009

His Holiness Sri H H Chinna Sriman Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami
The Telugu Association of Malaysia ( TAM ) is pleased to inform all its Branches and Members that TAM HQ in association with TAM Branches, is organising spiritual discourse by H H Chinna Sriman Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami as foll0wsbelow :

Venue: Sri Laxminarayana Temple Kg. Kasipillay of Jalan Ipoh
Date : On Dec. 13, 2009 at 7.01pm in Telugu

Venue : Sri Venkateswara Temple Batu Caves
Date : On Dec. 14, 2009 at 7.01pm open English / Telugu / Tamil

All TAM Branches are encouraged to bring 100 participants each Branch. Kindly organize your members to be at Sri Laxminarayana Temple. As an auspicious and divine occasion, let’s all Malaysian Telugus open our hearts to share goodwill and brotherhood. Let’s celebrate humanity on this special day and participate in the events. Every initiative taken to support the occasion will go a long way in protecting our Telugu Customs and Culture. For more information, kindly contact
Dr. Achaiah Kumar Rao at 012 – 3045594 / Sri Sree Ramulu at 012 – 3961722 or any of our TAM Branch Chairmen or CWC members.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swami
The Crusader of Peace, His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was born on Diwali day, the Festival of Lights, on 3rd November 1956 at Arthamur Village near Rajahmundry in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Born to pious parents Sri Venkatacharyulu and Srimathi Alivelumanga Thayaru, He had His early education in the Oriental School, Gowthama Vidya Peetam Rajahmundry. It was the call of the Divine that made the young Srimannarayana Ramanujacharyulu to take up the ascetic order of JEEYAR(Lion) at a very young age of 23 years. Today He is reckoned very high among the monks of the India and abroad as the pioneer and Crusader of Peace. We have heard several stories and legends about God incarnations, Godman, and Acharyas in the past, but very rarely can we come into the living presence of divinity like, His Holiness Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. JET USA Inc. (Jeeyar Educational Trust USA) is a tax exempt non-profit spiritual organization incorporated in 1995, in the state of Illinois, USA. This organization was
formed with Mangalasasanams(blessings) of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi
Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji Our Sri Swamiji, a profound Sanskrit scholar, Realized Soul, an epitome of Learning & Enlightenment, and embodiment of Divine Sampath (Divine Wealth) started the JET (Jeeyar Educational Trust) in 1982 at Sithanagaram,Guntur Dist. India, with units in Hyderabad (1983) India, Narayankund Nepal (1985), Rajahmundry India (1991), Madras India (1993) and JET USA Inc. USA(1995). "Vikasatharangini" a Youth Force, started by Sri Swamiji with hundreds of youth forming its core, has been instrumental in executing several Spiritual and Social projects. All the virtuous ideas and plans of Sri Swamiji for the spiritual upliftment and enrichment of Humanity are executed by different units of Jeeyar Educational Trust.Sri Swamiji is one of the youngest acharyas in India, who mastered different branches of the Vedic Dharma. In 1980, H.H. Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji attained Siddhi and H.H.
Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji took over the spiritual lineage. In 1981, Swamiji became the full-fledged head and acharya of Srimad Ubhaya Vedantha Acharya Peetam, Nadigaddapalem. Sri Swamiji went to Badarinath the abode of Lord Narayana and did penance, reciting the all-powerful Ashtakshari Maha Manthra. Since then, Sri Swamiji has developed the spiritual activities in a manifold way.
In a nutshell, Sri Swamiji is the mother and benefactor of the entire mankind. In this connection H.H. has been visiting USA since 1994, where He inspired a large audience whom He taught the principles of Universal Love, Peace and Fraternity. His Holiness visited London, Singapore & Hong Kong in 1995, and Canada in 1997, where He performed Yagnas for the benefit of mankind. There was unprecedented response to Swamiji's gospel and rituals wherever He left his holy footprints. Thus, His Holiness has emerged as a Universal Guru. For the first time in USA the Bhagavath Katha been delivered by H.H. Sri Swamiji for the common people.
His Holiness Sri Swamiji is conducting the following services at different places:
1.) The Vedic University in India
2.) The Ashtakshari Kshethram and Sathsanga Sadanam at Badarinath and Nithya
3.) Nithya annadanam scheme at Melkote Karnataka
4.) Brindavanam at Nadigaddapalem
5.) Publishing Bhakthi Nivedana in both Telugu and English
6.) Different types of services through Vikasatharangini
Let us participate in this great universal mission started by Sri Swamiji undertaken for
the welfare of mankind and universal peace.
Source :TAM

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1050 Telugu students following POL classes

About 12 years ago, there were a number of primary Telugu schools in Malaysia and it was from 1968 till 1992 that Telugu language was offered as an optional subject in LCE/PMR and MCE examinations. But it was from 1972 that of teaching Telugu was allow in other primary and secondary schools as “People Own Language” (POL) classes. And this was in accordance to the Article 152(1) (b) of the Federal Constitution guarantees to teach or learn any other language.

To date, there are about 1050 students who are following POL Telugu classes at some of the government schools such as at Bagan Datoh, Sungai Sumun,Hutan Melintang,Teluk Intan, Klang, Shah Alam, Sunway, Puchong, Batu Caves, Rawang Sitiawan, Bahau, Kulim and Sungai Petani which totals to about 35 classes.
And the teachers who are conducting this Telugus classes are Sri A. S. Maniam, Ramulu, Kanniah, Soorinarayana, Smt Sarawathy, Sri Demudu, Apalasamy, P.Naidu, MahaLatchmi,B K Simanchalam, Ramulu, Appalanaidu,Smt KrishnaKumari , Samudram and Smt Priaya.

But what is saddened and disappointed is, ever since 1993 Telugu language is not being offered any more as an optional subject in LCE/PMR and MCE examinations.

We are only ask our mother-tongue which was here prior to independence and after independence till 1992 to be reinstated in PMR/SPM examination so that Telugu language and culture will not be decimated.
Loss of Telugu language and culture will be a dent to the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia. So, by including Telugu language in PMR/SPM it will facilitate our efforts immensely and it will spur us further in the promotion of Telugu language and the students too will be motivated to take the subject.

Source : TAM / Telugu Malaysian- my small role in Telugu POL classes