Friday, December 18, 2009

Sri Venkateswara Devastanamu, Sungai Sumun,Perak, Malaysia

Lord Venkatesawara Maha Samprochanamu on 22/1/2010@ 10.55 am - 11.30 am
All are invited to participate in all the ceremonies and receive the divine grace of Ld Venkateswara. Sungai Sumun. This temple is along Jalan Bagan Datoh about 27 km(17 miles) from Teluk Intan, Perak which was established in the 80s.
In the year 1983,Sri Venkateswara Temple was build on the land donated by Sri S Nooknaidu, MP Appalanaidu,Appalanaidu Akiah, ME Maniam,BK Simachalam, Late Stephen Ramulu,D V Sri Ramulu, KS Somuniadu, Adari Ramulu and Smt Kishnammah under the chairmanship of Sri Gummadi Subrmaniam(1980- 1986) after which two chairman other were Sri S Nooknaidu(1987-1992 &2006- 2010) and Sri ME Maniam(1993- 2005).
In the year 1997, when Sri M E Maniam was the temple chairman and I was then Assistant General Secretary of TAM cum Chairman of Sabak Bernam Branch played the important role in the registration process of "Sree Venkateswara Alayamu Devotees Association", Teluk Bharu Village, Sungai Sumun, Hilir Perak, Perak and registration referance is(PPP/PK.292/97(4),PPP/PK.27/97(Registration No.1596) as to promote the temple,religion, co-operation in religious activities, bhajans and etc among the devotees of the temple and the Telugu Association of Malaysia.
A Telugu priest should be enlisted in this temple as to conduct pujas,any prayers and Telugu weddings in line with Telugu tradition,customs and culture. And to see this as reality it depends on us and TAM?
to be continued


  1. Glad to be informed that currently a Telugu priest has be enlisted in this temple. We(my family) were very impressed at our last visit the the our Temple. At last we are happy it was in all in Telugu.

  2. Im sasireka d/o juval, father as Chairman 2 years why Unallocated write the father 1985 - 1988.