Clients are unable to follow the judgments delivered in English, says HC Judge
Andhra Pradesh High Court Judge Justice N. Venkata Ramana exhorted advocates and judges to conduct arguments in Telugu language.
“Lawyers should minimise the use of English and judges should deliver verdicts in the local language. Please try to improve the use of the mother tongue and protect Telugu culture,” Mr. Justice Venkata Ramana has said.
He, along with other High Court judges Justices G. Bhavani Prasad and G. Chandraiah, AP State Official Language Commission Chairman Mandali Buddha Prasad, film writer Jonnavittula Ramalingeswara Rao, and AP Judicial Academy Director Vedantam Seetarama Avadhani attended a seminar on ‘Telugu in Judicial Administration’, organised by the Bezawada Bar Association (BBA) here on Saturday.
Addressing the lawyers, Mr. Justice Venkata Ramana observed that clients were unable to follow the judgments delivered in English getting frightened when they see lawyers and police.
“It is our duty to conduct the proceedings in the local language and allay the fears among the people,” he said.
Explaining the sweetness of Telugu language, he said a foetus too would learn it from the mother’s womb. Language would highlight the history and culture. Respecting Telugu is nothing but respecting the mother, Mr. Justice Venkata Ramana opined.
Mr. Justice Bhavani Prasad said the Madras High Court had directed the use of Telugu language in courts when Andhra Pradesh was under unified State.
During the British rule, the arguments were in Telugu. During the Nizam rule, the proceedings in courts were held in Urdu.
“After independence, we are neglecting the local language. It is unfortunate to discuss whether Telugu should be implemented in judicial administration or not and the consequences on usage of mother tongue.”
“Lawyers can argue in the local language and the judge should accept the proceedings. The ministerial staff should issue notices and summons and make all other transactions in the local language,” Mr. Justice Prasad said.
Mr. Buddha Prasad said the government had designed a software with 18 fonts in Telugu, which would be distributed to all courts.
Bar association president G. Venkateswara Rao presided over the programme.
Krishna District Judge Ch. Manavendranath Roy and Additional District Judge R. Murali and others attended the seminar.