Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paul Naidu -Telugu Samskruthika Nilayam

1990-2002/ 2004 -2006


Telugu Association of Malaysia

Telugu Samskruthika Nilayam -this project is the brain-child of Dr. Paul Naidu

Telugu Association of Malaysia (TAM) has embarked on an ambitious project to construct a Telugu Saamskruthika Nilayam(TSN) in an areacovering 2.5 acres, located north of Rawang town.Selangor, Malaysia.

Subsequently, after due valuation, the search and examination, the price was progressively re-negotiated until it was brought down. to RM1.25 million in the interest of the organization at large. If negotiating and striking a good deal was a tough job, the process of applying and obtaining a bank loan proved to be tougher. After much submitting and re-submitting, the bank approved the loan only after obtaining the personal undertaking of the President( Sri Paul naidu), General Secretary( Sri P S Ramanaidu) and General Treasurer ( Sri J S Maniam) to act as Guarantors.

And all along the Executive council members and branches of TAM had to launch a vigorous donation drive from North to South. Inspire of all the traveling, appealing, arguing and giving explanations of the above purchase. There were those members and well-wishers who gave TAM encouragement, motivation and moral support. At the end of day, RM500, 000/- cash was raised to facilitate the down payment.

Upon registration of the TSN property, the Gruha Pravesam was grandly officiated by Y Bhg Tan Sri Datuk Dr K R. Somasundram, Executive Chairman, NLFCS and about 500 graced this occasion on 20/8/2000.

In the 1980s, the purchasing of Telugu Bhavanamu along Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur under the leadership of Dr A C Apparao was like a dream coming true of our founders of Telugu Association while TSN was a more than reality of the present Telugus.

The main aim to establish a cultural centre for our Telugu community in line with our objectives of TAM - to promote Telugu language,art,culture,social and economic aspects of our community. The full fledge centre shall eventually provide a cultural centre, administrative office anda multi-purpose hall centre.

TSN will be the centre to propagate our rich Telugu cultural heritage in South East Asia.

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