Friday, February 20, 2009

Uniformity of Telugu spellings in English

There are a number of uniformity of spellings in English such as ie:-

i) Ugadi, Ugadhi, Ugathi, Ugadthi as Ugadi

ii) Telugu, Thelugu,Telegu,Thenngalu, as Telugu

iii) Shri,Sri, Shree, Sree Shri as Sri

Could be more of such words but We,Telugus should write one spelling of any one subject.

There should probably some Govt. Department from Andhra Pradesh to come out or if there is any such Glossary of Telugu spellings in English to be placed online for reference.

I did that when I was the General Secretary of Telugu Association of Malaysia
a "GLOSSARY OF MALAYSIA TELUGU SANGAMU" and some of it is as follows:

1 Bhogi ------ Eve / day before Saakranti festival
2 Sankranti ------ Harvest Festival/Makar Sankranti/Pongal
3 Ugadi ------ Ugadhi/Ugadthi/Ugathi/ Telugu New Year Day
4 Sri ------ Sree/Shri/Shree/Sri
5 Deepavali ------ Festival of Lights/ Diwali
6 Telugu ------ Thelugu,Telegu,Thenngalu,

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