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World Telugu History Conference, London

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World Telugu History Conference

First World Telugu History, Cultural and Literature Conference to be held at London on 14th and 15th July, 2012 at British Library & Troxy Theatre

It is a matter of great pleasure to bring to your kind notice that UKTA (United Kingdom Telugu Association) only Trade Mark Registered Telugu Charity based at London proposes to organize First World Telugu Trade and History Conference, for 2 days on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July,2012 at British Library London to initiate Literature Culture, and tourism in view of upcoming Olympics 2012 an action plan at International level to review & revise the existing History of the Telugu People. We would like to invite you and your troop active perception for the event. This is the right time to convene the above conference in the backdrop of the hoary past of the Telugu People and Antiquity of the Telugu Language and in the light of the recent developments in acquiring Classical Languages status for Telugu. In order to cull out many hidden facets of History and Culture of the Telugu People, it is felt to create a forum involving Eminent Personalities, experts and scholars in various fields to discuss on different issues to fill the gaps and voids in the long line of Telugu history.

The proposed conference aims at:

• Conducting special workshops on the contribution of British scholars like Francis White Ellis, Colonel Colin Mackenzie, Fergusson, Robert Bruce Forte, H.B. Foote, Longhurst, Alexander Rea, F.R. Allchin, Boswell, Robert Sewell, Meadows Taylor, Edgor Thurston, Alexander Campbell, William Carry, Caldwe, Prof. Halden, Will Durant Sir Arthur Cotton and C P Brown which enriched the data on the History and Archaeology of the Telugu people.

• Drafting an action plan for review and revising History and culture of the Telugu people.

• Conducting research on archaeological artefacts and archival materials available at British Museum and British Library, London in order to collect valuable data on Telugu Language, Literature, Culture and Traditions.

• Taking up special studies on the contribution of the Britishers in retrieving and preserving the history of the Telugu people.

• Bring out publication on the researches conducted by the Britishers in the field of Archaeology whose records and drawings are available in British Museum and other offices.

• Bring out special publications on un-published reports on inscriptions, coins, sculpture and temples etc or published reports which are not available for research scholars.

• Studying the Archival Material mostly available in Britain pertaining to the British Administration in the then Telugu Speaking Area.

• Collecting information on the researches on the History of Telugu People conducted at various Universities in United Kingdom.

• Studying the traditions and continuity of Culture and Language of the Telugu people settled in United Kingdom and performing cultural workshops in all important cities(Birmingham, Manchester & Edinburgh) in Britain with Telugu Arts, Culture and heritage.

The proposed two day Conference Cultural Festival provides an opportunity to discuss on the Archival and other Cultural materials available in Britain for reconstructing the History and Culture of the Telugu People.

Tentative programme of the First World Telugu Trade History Congress, London on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July, 2012 at the British Library, London.

14-07-2012 : Inaugural session

British Contribution to the History and Culture of the Telugu People during past three decades. Dr. B.R. Allchin . Dr. Robert Knox . Cynthia Thalbot . Nalini Prasad

Presentation on the following departments from India: Departments of Archaeology and Museums , Archives , Epigraphically Studies, Numismatics and the History, Art and Architecture, Brief survey of Literature,

Review of Medieval History, Antiquity of Telugu Language and 18th Century & 19th Century Telugu Culture Speakers on Telugu Diaspora

15-07-2012 : Evening Concluding session.

The conference also aims at cataloguing the rare books on Telugu Culture exclusively available in London, involving young researchers for the purpose and to disseminate the information thus collected. As the proposed conference acts as a forum to address the above, organizing such a rare International Conference involves Publication of book on History and Culture of the Telugu People and proceedings of the conference. UKTA shares the above responsibilities with Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. However it needs lot of support the event a grand success in which the organizers request Your support makes a big change on eminent personalities and experts in Archaeology, History, Culture,

Language, Literature, Art, Architecture, Trade and Tourisms from Andhra Pradesh by meeting the British Personalities , putting up of special exhibitions by involving the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Department of Culture, Department of A.P. State Archives, A.P. Government Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Institute In this regard for which we will be grateful to you for an early indication of your attendence for this prestigious Conference.

There will be Cultural Evening on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2012 at famous TROXY Theatre to promote AP Cultural Activities.

Any more clarification if required please let me know. Your early reconfirmation will be highly appreciated to make logistic arrangements in London.

Thanking You.



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