Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ugadi Announcement of Morris

2011 Ugadi Celebrations Announcement


ఉగాది వచ్చేస్తుంది.. మరి, మన మందరం కలసి పండుగ సంభరాల్ని చేసుకునే సమయం దగ్గరపడింది!!!

We are eagerly waiting to celebrate Ugadi festival on April 9th at Hindu Bhavan, Morrisville. Ugadi is special for all our Telugus for many reasons. TATA is getting ready to brighten the day with excellent programs, delicious food and of course Ugadi Pachchadi. This is one of the moments we all get together as one family, cherish our culture and remember our festive moods.

Let us all enjoy the festive celebrations filled with live performances. Some of the highlights of the evening include excellent performances by our local talented youth, kids and adults.
Event Information
Time:11AM to 5PM
Date: Saturday, April 9th
Location:Hindu Bhavan Hall, Morrisville,NC 27560

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