Thursday, March 3, 2011

C P Brown Academy

The name of C.P. Brown was chosen for the Academy in celebration of and as a tribute to the contributions of the legendary Charles Philip Brown (1798-1884) for the preservation and promotion of the Telugu language and literature.

The many monumental works created by C P Brown on diverse subjects mark him out as an outstanding and versatile scholar. The Telugu people owe him a debt of gratitude for his service to the language and its dialects. Brown has truly earned a special place for himself in the history of Telugu people.

The Logo

The Academy has adopted a unique logo which has three Lingas, representing the Trilinga Desam, the Land of Telugus. Trilinga appears to have become Telugu, in course of time. The three letters in the centre are taken from a relic of the Amaravathi stupa. The letters, in Brahmi script, are Na, ga, and bu. Scholars opine that Na-ga-bu is a Telugu word, equivalent to Na-ga-mu (meaning serpent) in todays Telugu. This is thought to be the earliest Telugu word, captured in Brahmi Script in an inscription in Prakrit language.

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