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Great Telugu Movies Producer Dr D Ramanaidu

Dr. Daggubati Ramanaidu born on 6/6/1936 who celebrated his birthday on 6/6/2010 who holds Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific producer with 110 films.
Apart from producing Telugu movies, he has also produced movies in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali.

His filmmaking experience began with "ANURAGAM" as its co-producer. Established his own banner SURESH PRODUCTIONS, names after his eldest son suresh and produced "RAMUDU-BHIMUDU" with N.T.Ramarao popular hero who played dual roles for the first time .Later this was remade in hindi with the title Ram Aur Shyam with Dilip kumar in lead and also in tamil with M.G.Ramachandran.
Premnagar, Another superb hit with A.Nageshwara rao and Vanisri in the lead .This was remade in hindi with the same titled and as "VASANTHAMALIGAI" in Tamil with Sivaji Ganeshan and vanisri in lead.
With hindi "PREMNAGAR"(Rajesh Khanna and Hemamalini ), Ramanaidu set foot in hindi film production , in 1974.
Since then he made record number of films -124 till now-under one banner ,of which 75 films in Telugu, 19 films were in Hindi , 24 in Tamil, two in Bengali, two in Kannada, one in Oriya, one in Assamee and one hollywood film is under production.
His latest film "PREMINCHU" made on the life of a born-blind women who fought back to stay on top in society , won A.P. State Government's 2001,s Five Nandi awards -for D.Ramanaidu as best film maker , "PREMINCHU" as best film , winning Golden Nandi , Laya as best actress who played blind girls role, Murali mohan as best character actor for playing responsible role of the father of this physically disadvantaged girl , Srilakshmi as comediene and Dr.C.Narayana Reddy as best lyric writer for the song "Ammante.."
Ramanaidu donated Rs.10 Lakhs from the box office income of this film to various institutions for the blind and handicapped. The cheques were giving away by union minister for information and Broadcasting , Smt.Sushma Swaraj at a function in hyderabad.
Film SURIGADU was selected for Indian ponarama 1993.
A.P.State Government's Nandi Jury's special award for AHA NAA PELLANTA
A.P.State Government's Nandi awards to ANDHRA VAIBHAVAM, a documentry on history of Andhra culture.
Won Best film(Bengali) award for AASHUK in 16th National film festival of india.
L.V.Prasad Gold medal for 1996.
N.T.R.MELLENIUM LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT-2000, given by cultural organization led by Vamsee Art Theaters international.
And many more awards presented by various cultural bodies and Non-governmental bodies.


Constructed “Ramanaidu Studios” in the five acre difficult hilly terrain in Jubilee Hills in 1989. And diverted all his income from film business for the development of infrastructure,with a motto that “ Come with Script and go with reels” , with all facilities available under one roof.

Constructed Ramanaidu cine Village at Nanakram Guda in 1996.


Sri Venkateswara University , Tirupati confirred on Ramanaidu Hon’doctorate for his achievements.
Elected twice to the Tirumala Tirupati Devastan executive Board as member for two terms 1997 to 2002.
Was president of the south Indian Film chamber of Commerce, Chennai in 1999.
Was president of Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce - 1997. Hyderabad.
Was president of Andhra Cultural Club ,Chennai for 16 Years, for which the foundation for building was laid by the , then , President of India Sri Neelam Sanjeevareddy.
Governing member ,RACE( Rajkamal Academy of Cinematic Excellence ) for choosing films for Santaram Film Festival.
Chairman , A.P. Cultural Film Festival - 2002 of State Government. The festival commences on the formation day of the A.P. State ,November 1.
Member Committee on External Affairs(1999-2000).
Member, consultative Committee, I & B (2000….)


Ramanaidu Charitable trust was formed in 1991.
Ramanaidu Charitable Trust donated nearly Rs.23 lacs to a sumber of community halls, bus shelters, Houding Society activites ,TTD and srisailam devasthanam activities.
Donated Rs.15 lakhs for the construction of building of Andhra cultural Centre, Chennai.
Donated Rs.13 lakhs for th construction of A.P. Film Chamber of Commerce , Hyderabad.
Donated Rs.1.20 crores for the construction of Home for the aged on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Medak Road.
Donated rs.18 lakhs to Andhra , venkateswara and Nagarjuna Universitis and for other institutions for education.
Donated Rs.10.5 lakhs for elementary school in Tirupati.
Donated from his funds more than Rs.10 crores from Charitable fund for all the welfare activities in his Bapatla constituency, which include Eye Hospital at karamchedu(his village), with modern facilities, indoor Stadium at Karamchedu , Parchuru life irrigation , besides for Janma Bhoomi activities of the State Government.
PARLIAMENT MEMBER, represnting Bapatla Parliamentary constituency, since he won in 1999 with handsome majority as TDP candidate.
Donated 33 acres of land to Vignan Jyothi Institute for agriculture College as Dr. D. Ramanaidu Vignan Jyothi Agriculture Unstitute.


M/s. Ramanaidu Studios, Film Nagar,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-500 033.
Andhra Pradesh ,INDIA
Phones : 040- 2344019./191/192/193/194/195

9-120,Library Road, KARAMCHEDU- 523 168
Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Phones : 08594-242226 ,18594-242246 18594-242246 .

A Saga of service for Human Welfare
Dr.D.Ramanaidu is a multi-faceted personality, an illustrious combination of a film celebrity, orient social service champion, a true statesmen - being more than a politician and an adorable gentleman to the core. Whatever the branch of activity he has taken up, he has shown exemplary efficiency, dedication and deep involvement - resulting in high rate of success, applause and admiration. Perhaps that is the prime reason he has come to stay as an outstanding personality of tremendous merit presenting himself as a rare picture of great humanity and at the same time grand proffessional expertise - indeed a rare combination. Success has Taught him excellent human decency and day by day he developed serious concern for the fellow beings and also a sense of genuine agony and affection for the less - fortunate downtrodden of the society. He has no faith in man - made barriers and always fought for social equality and justice for all - perhaps that is the reason why ALMIGHT has chosen a right person to award and reward success and unparalleled triumph all the time. YES, GOD IS RIGHT.

In the most glamarous world of celluoid, wherein Dr.D.RAMANAIDU successfully spent as many as four decades, he always remainded friendly, simple and most unassuming. But his success story is splendid. Popularly known as MOVIE MOGHUL of south India, Dr.D.Ramanaidu produced more than 118 films covering almost all the major Indian Languages. A large number of those films are BOX-OFFICE hits having rewritten new history of glory and grandeur. Added to that many of his films, have won critics acclaim - Regional, National and Global, for their celluloid excellence with a noble purpose of social service. The languages, Ramanaidu covered through his films are Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Assame, Oriya and what not? He build his own palatial studio - Dr.D.Ramanaidu Studios attached with a colorful color laboratory and he is a film distributor too. The best part of his business is that he is always friendly with producers, to whom he has extended an excellent support. He believed in a noble theme of LIVE and LET LIVE. Some of his celluloid masterpieces that are unforgettable for years and generations are:
English : Old skool
Hindi : Premnagar, Dildar, Dil Aur Diwar, Bandish, Thofa, Maqsad, Dilwala, Insaf Ki Awaj, Rakhwala, Jeevan Ek Sangharsh, PremKhaidi, Santaan, Anari, Takdeerwala, Hum Apake Dil Mein Rahete Hain, Aaghaaz, Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein
Telugu : SriKrishna Tulabharam, Premnagar, Prema, Surigadu, Dharma Chakram, Preminchukundam Raa, Kalisundam Raa, Jayam Manadeera, Preminchu
Bengali : Asukh, Sudhu Ekbar Bolo
Kannada : Maduve Agona Baa2
Tamil : Vasantha Maligai, Thiru Mangalam, Thannikattu Raja
Oriya : Dharma Devatha
Assame : Maina Mor Dhuniya and Many more.........
Planning to produce a movie very soon even in Marathi and Malayalam Languages.
No surprise he is always a film historian's dream!

"SERVICE TO HUMAN IS SERVICE TO GOD" - the popular saying is the life theme of Dr.D.Ramanaidu - And as a result he established RAMANAIDU CHARITABLE TRUST - Predominantly for the welfare of human fraternity. As one individual he served like a million persons through his CHARITABLE TRUST - which is indeed commendable force projection Rays of light in the heartsof poor and neglected. To mention some of his social service activities.

OLD AGE HOME - which his own donation of ten acres prime land at Narsapur in Medak District and Rs. 1.00 crore of Building.
A contribution of Rs.15 lakhs for the construction of Residential School building in the name of Alluri Sitaramaraju Memorial School mainly meant for tribal children.
Five acres of land for the rehabilitation of handicapped and another five acres for orphange purpose
Andhra Social and Cultural Association - D.Ramanaidu Complex, Chennai.
A.P. Film Chamber Buildings, Film Nagar, Hyderabad.
Constructed EYE Hospital at Karamchedu with Rs. 1.00 crore in Bapatla Parliamentary Constituency.
Kalyan Mandapam at Karamchedu,Baptla Parliamentary Constituency.
Ramaidu Kalyaana Mandapam - an Open air theatre at Film Nagar.
Donation for Educational Block at Chirala A.K.P College.
Donation for Andhra,Venkateswara,Osmania and Nagarjuna Universities in Andhra Pradesh.
Donations to Polytechnic College,Tirupathi.
Donations for Dr. D.Ramanaidu Educational Block at Kavali College.
Rupees Ten Lakhs for Tirupathi Municipal High School.
Rupees Seventeen and half Lakhs for Sports Stadium at Karamchedu,and got allotted 1.00 crore for the construction of stadium.
Rupees Ten Lakhs for Blind Institutions on occasion of Preminchu Success Celebration.
Donated 33 acres of land to Vignan Joyothi Institute for establishment of Dr.D.Ramanaidu Vignan Joythi Rural Agricultural College at Tuniki villege of Meak District .
Donated Rupees 7.00 crores from Ramanaidu Charitable Trust for the development of Medak District.
Donated Rs 7.00 croress from Ramanaidu Charitable Trust for the development of Bapatla Parliamentary constituency as a parliamentarian.

These are just afew only………..The list will be endless.

124 films produced in four decades,functioning ofseveral others institutes and an admirable institutions called RAMANAIDU CHARITABLE TRUEST - all this means employement and support to hundreds and thousands families every day and every month. Dr.D.Ramanaidu has not only provided employment but more so afeeling of security and warmth comfort to his staff and employees.The best art of his career is he has given silver screen opportunitices to number of artists and technicians.He promoted talent, whenever he discovered and nourished the merit among his own unit.And still,with a range of almost a thousand technicians ansd staff readily available at service ,Dr.D.Ramanaidu works round the clock.He supervises every aspect of his film making - he himself being a highly trained and well skilled technical exert and glamorously he is also an artiste-having acted in almost all his films.what a versatility indeed ! The clock never stops at RAMANAIDU COMPLEX ! it goes on ,goes on and goes on for ever and ever…………

In spite of his towering leadership and astounding success in film industry , called affectionately as the ‘ MOVIE MOGHUL OF SOUTH Dr. D. RAMANAIDU did not relax. He wanted to reach more people , meet them , talk about their welfare and serve them from the bottom of his heart. With that sole noble intention he entered political scenario and contested from Bapatla parliament Constituency. Result - GRAND VICTORY - because people are certain that here is a personality who can and who will throw new light in their light in their lives, providing much better ways of living for them as well as fir future generations.

D. D.RAMANAIDU , who won tremendous success as Parliament Member , immediately swing into action to serve the people of his constituency , who have reposed great confidence in him by sending him to Parliament with Royal honors. During the course of these two years of tenure as Parliament member ,Dr.D.RAMANAIDU took up enormous welfare measures in aid of the cross sections of people belonging to all classes , religions and poor and downtrodden in his Constituency-spending a total amount of as much as Rs.2.18 crores. Just to cite a few of his welfare activities :
Rs.100.00 lakhs for EYE HOSPITAL ,Rs. 17.50 lakhs for SPORTS COMPLEX, Rs. 8.00 lakhs for AYYAPPA SWAMY TEMPLE, Rs.7.00 lakhs for the overall development of Karamchedu Village,rs.9.00 lakhs for the improvement of Bapatla Assembly, Rs.12.65 lakhs for Ponnur assembly,Rs.20.86 lakhs for kuchinapudi Assembly,Rs.9.20 lakhs for Chirala Assembly, Rs.9.63 lakhs for Addnki Assembly, Rs. 10.63 lakhs for martur Assembly,Rs.11.87 lakhs for various Educational Institutions and a fw more lakhs for various miscellaneous social cases-altogether 1.46 crores.The noteworthy feature of this expenditure is donatedfrom his own Rs.7.00 crores RAMANAIDU CHARITABLE TRUST.

Caring for the poor and helping the mankind is not a new phenomenon for Dr.D. RAMANAIDU , After he Became Member of Parliament he spent Rs.1.82 crores and interestingly even before he thoughof a political service activity he has been equally devoted for the cause of the poor and enlightenment of th society . Even his earlier donations - Prior to becoming Parliament member-touched as much as Rupees Two Crores for a number of Welfare measures.

Service for humanity has always been his way of life. Deep concern for the poor and unfortunate touched his heart. The best part of his character is that whatever he has done for the society he has extended all such service from the bottom of his heart and NOW IT IS THE TURN OF GOVERNMENT TO EXTEND NATIONAL RECOGNITIONS AND BESTOW UNIQUE HONOURS ON THIS Great personality.

As a devoted and dutiful film Producer Dr.D.ramanaidu produced a very purposeful social film “PREMINCHU “ on the problem and ultimate success of a blind person. The film proved to be a hit, thanks to Andhra Pradesh audience. And to celebrate the success and achievement Dr. D. Ramanaidu donated a handsome of Rupees Ten lakhs for Andhra Pradesh Blind Institutions. This movie achieved a Golden Nandi Award for the best movie of the year - 2001 , an achieved another 4 Nandi awards.

What great a Commitment to the Telugus.
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