Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Pre-Banci 2000 -the upper portion was stick at the Telugu houses and the other portion for TAM referance

Is TAM conducting pre-census exercise?

Dept. of Statistics of Malaysia is going to conduct the 2010 Population and Housing Census from the 6th of July until 22nd August 2010.

Past experience has shown that as Telugus and Tamils are lookalike there are many occasions we are recorded as Tamils. As we, Telugus living in Malaysia must explain to the census officers to ensure that Telugus are recorded as Telugus in the Census Form: Telugu Kod 6180. If every Telugu irrespective of whether a member or not member of Telugu Association of Malaysia must play his or her role firmly during the census exercise being done. That will prove to the Government the correct Telugu population and strength of the Telugus in this country.

Is TAM conducting any pre census exercise? As for your information our TAM committee then, did some homework such as printing our Telugu kod and our all branches went around to stick at our Telugu houses(as above) and our brothers too were some of the worked as Census officials.

As we are meeting our PM on 8/10/10 this could be good move that TAM organise to visit all the Telugu houses to gather their participation/create who is who and even allow free membership who has no voting right but as observers. And by conducting free membership we may gather some good records of 300,000 - 400,000 Telugu population which will talk for itself.


Enkatesulu Juval AMP

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