Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cheque Presentation Ceremony

Dato' Dr Jejendiran from Yayasan my Nadi presenting cheque of RM20,000/-to Dr Achiah Kumar Rao from Telugu Association of Malaysia
Dato' Dr Jejendiran also touched on some of the projects undertaken by Yayasan myNadi such as SKJK(Tamil) Senawang school was situauted in a flood prone area . Pledged for a new block since 2000. On 17th Mac 2009, a letter of approval was given and RM4.9 million was granted to build the school on higher ground with a four storey block.

Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Sungai Salak, which has been operating from a two-storey shoplot for the third year, has received a one-hectare plot of land from the government for a school building to be ready in 12 months. It has also been upgraded to a fully aided government funded school. The handover of the land ownership was held at the site of the new school to underline the sincerity of the Prime Minister to help the Indian community.

RM46, 000 been allocated for the school. The contractor refused to renovate / construct the facilities (canteen, store room & toilet) as required by the school. The governement contractor estimated RM 65,000 to renovate only the toilet. The total cost of the renovation work proposed by the contractor was way below the 46,000 (about 5K only.) The school has refused to accept the proposal. MyNadi assigned a local contactor to renovate / construct the facilities (canteen, store room & toilet) and with additional task in partitioning the wall and made new walk with a budget of RM 123, 000.

The school has been working on acquiring 4 acres of land for the school. The matter has been pending for quite a while. All necessary documents have been submitted to My Nadi. The school needs also 120 tables and chairs for its current premises.

A 100 year’s old temple requires, electricity supply. TNB was not being able to assist as the cost is too high to lay the cable from the main supply. A request was made for a generator or a solar panel to supply electricity. KSR Engineering, and MyNadi solved the issue by installing 1 unit of 175W PV solar panel, with an inverter that convert direct current (DC) to Alternating current to 6 units of 18watts CFL lights in the temple

On 1st May 2009, My Nadi together with MHC and Sri Maha Mariamman Dhevasthanam organised a mass prayer gathering. It was held at Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple , Batu Caves Selangor. More than 1000 people attended the event that started which started with a pooja and group prayers. The organizer called upon everyone to seek the blessing of Lord Muruga to enlighten the embattling forces in Sri Lanka to stop fighting and empower them to think for the betterment of the people of Tamils in Sri Lanka . The event brought many organizations and temples together. Representatives from various movements spoke in full zest. They were UNITED in
condemning the war and demanded the safety and welfare of the innocent SL Tamils

On 9th Aug 2009, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak became the first Prime Minister to make an official visit to Batu Cave since his father Tun Razak did in 1970 The visit has made PM the second prime minister in the country’s history to visit the Hindu holy site since the nation gained independence more than 50 years ago. PM’s father

Batu Caves received a facelift including a pedestrian walkway with a RM3.6 million allocation from the Tourism Ministry. On 29 Jan, 2010 the minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said the RM3.6 million allocation was given last August for upgrading works for the comfort and convenience of the temple devotees and tourists. Almost 24/ 7 work took place and completed in 48 days. Among the new facilities are additional parking spaces including 56 bays for buses and 190 for cars, pedestrian walkway, fencing at the main passageway and lightings, while the drainage system has been improved.

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