Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cheque Presentation Ceremony

Dato' Dr Jeyendiran briefing the role and objects of Yayasan my Nadi

Dr Achiah Kumar Rao, President briefing about Telugu Association of Malaysia as below
Vision in Language

• To create 2000 Telugu reading and writing students every year.
• Annual Telugu language student camp.
• Annual Language seminar.
• Annual Telugu Teachers seminar

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa (Bahsah jeeviki pranam)

Basic Telugu reading and writing
• Expand POL classes to all Govt. schools i.e SK,SRK Tamil & Chinese
• Reinstate Telugu at PMR/ SPM
• Telugu language propagation & development .
• Appeal to Govt. & MIC to recruit teachers from India or train local teachers at Telugu
University India to overcome the upcoming shortage.

Problems not solved to promote Telugu education

• Transport to special cases .
• Incentive of Rm 1 per student for every telugu POL class attended.
• Provide text books and exercise books.
• No Telugu exam at PMR and SPM since 1993.

What has happened?

• 1956 – 60 telugu schools (appro.75 teachers)
• 1966 – 50 schools
• 1976 – 25 schools
• 1986 – 7 schools
• 1996 – 2 schools
• 2006 – 1 school
• 2008 – 2000 students (no telugu school)

Who are responsible?

• Telugu teachers?
• Parents?
• Students?
• Telugu community/Telugu Association?
• Others(Tamils,Punjabi,Malayalee,Chinese)?
• Govt. & MIC ?
• Socio economic factors?

2006 onwards positive changes

• Some Telugu teachers worked with dedication
• Telugu Association had restructured strategies
• Parents realized their children loosing identity
• Students were encouraged and attracted through student activities. e.g. holiday camps,
moral camps & seminars
• Teaching telugu made easy & fast techniques,
• Continued pressure fromTelugu Association to Govt. & MIC to support telugu language
• Easy access to Telugu language -Information tecnology,mass media

10 Goals

• Every Malaysian born Telugu should know how to write and read in telugu.
• Develop new generation of Telugu teachers
• Create innovative methods of teaching
• Malaysia to be the centre Telugu learning in South east Asia.
• Easy access to learning Telugu language thro I.T
• Reward achievers in Telugu language.(Telugu& non telugus)
• Develop our own standards and syllabus for teaching telugu
• Telugu/Malaya/English trilanguage dictionary
• Govt.Malaysia , MIC and Andhra Pradesh Govt to support through annual financial grant
for telugu language development &propagation.
• To create a Telugu language chair in one of the Malaysian University

Immediate problems

• No place to teach telugu
• Storm destroyed our cultural centre
• Loss of music and traditional dance centre
• No proper meeting place since 6 months.
• No immediate funds to repair the building.
• Appeal made to Govt directly and also thro MIC

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