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Establishment of Andhra or Telugu Association of Malaysia Klang Branch

It is on 28th February 1982 that I took the initiative to gather some of the Telugus living around Klang namely Suba, P. Seethapathy, Bala T. M Appalasamy, Marinaidu,Ulu Appalanaidu, Sinniah, Dr Nanda Gopal,Nookaraju,Mahaletchimi,Apparao and T PremaLatha Naidu to form a protem committee of the Klang Branch. The first protem committee meeting was held at Suba Optical Jalan Datuk Hamzah, Klang

In fact, we invited Mr A. Appana Naidu who was then working around PM Department, Shah Alam to head the committee who later declined after one or two committee meetings as he was transfered back to K.Lumpur/KK. After which I headed the protem committee.

The Branch was registered on 23th April, 1982 and a new life was energized into the Klang Branch. And in 1983 as Andhra Association of Malaysia was renamed as Telugu Association of Malaysia for simple reason to allow Telugus who migrated from other states of India or any other countries besides Andhra Pradesh could also join the Association.

Upon this new rebirth the Branch took on many activities and it has progressed well to become a good concentration of many Telugus in the Klang/ Shah Alam area,then.

I was the first chairman of this 18th registered Klang branch from 1982 till 1986. Some remarkable activities were spearheaded by my committee and some of them as follows:-

In the same year Klang hosted Annual General Meeting of Andhra Association of Malaysia. It was at this Annual Meeting that the new name Telugu Association of Malaysia was tabled and passed besides the change of annual meeting to be conducted as Biennial Meetings. The Report and Accounts submission of Silver Jubilee Celebrations & 2nd World Telugu Conference held from 14 till 19 April,1981 at Civic Centre, Petaling Jaya was also done at this Annual General Meeting in Klang.

In the year 1983 - MIC Taman Gembira, Klang /Kerala Samanjam Klang Branch /TAM Klang branch jointly organised “Malam Nirava" culturely show.
Annually Ugadi Celebrations were done grand scale.

In 1984 a “Lucky Draw” Lottery was launched to raise funds for the purpose of buying a building for the Klang Branch. The event raised a good sum of RM 10,900 and it remained as a Building Fund in the Book Keeping Entries.

In 1985 the Branch helped Telugu Association Malaysia (TAM) headquarters to organize a dinner to honour MIC President, Dato Seri Samy Velu for his 50 years birthday at the Dewan Hamzah,Klang.

• Ugadi celebrations& Bhajans and devotional activities at members homes on rotation.
• Regular committee meetings to discuss on current issues at hand.
• Telugu classes conducted by Mr Rama(Banting)& Membership drives to gather new members.
• Get together sessions amongst members and members’ families.

Although the Klang Branch took its real active life form in 1982 onwards but we must not forget to mention there was this Andhra Association of Malaysia Klang District branch being officially registered on 22nd April 1971 with its official address at 759, Jalan Rasah, Pandamaran New Village, Port Swettenham, Selangor under chairmanship Sri Narayanasamy Reddy, PPM, PJK. At that particular time Sri Narayanasamy Reddy was a Chief Clerk at the Majlis Perbandaran Klang. However the earlier branch was deregistered on establishment Klang Branch.

When I was then the newly formed Klang branch chairman was one of those besides Dr. A C Apprao, then the President and Late R. P Ramulu then the General Treasurer who were involved in the preparation and approval of constitution and even shifting the HQ address from which was registered at N0 41, 25th mile, Bagan Datoh,Perak or Ipoh office (ROS)registration to Kuala Lumpur.

Besides, I was also able obtained permission from Ministry of Home Affairs(KDN newspaper permit) for circulation newspaper for Telugus in the Telugu/ English language for Nokiah Gary, then the Secretary General of TAM.

Last year after 25 years,Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Klang branch were grandly conducted.
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