Monday, December 12, 2011

Where is the support from Malaysian Telugus ?

‎************* Are Malaysian Telugu Dead or Alive? **************

As per our TAM official website telugus in malaysia are 300,000+ but when we screened a telugu movie in malaysia the people watching themovie are less than 1000.See the below statistics of PANJAA movie.Last week total 827 people watched in Federal Theater,Out of that Local Telugus are just 50 people.If you see the percentage 827/300,000=0.002756, itz not even 0.1 percent.

In other countries of the world though there is a less count they are encouraging telugu cinmea.But when it comes to malaysia we can say its in poor condition...Then where we are respecting our MOTHER TOUNGE...CULTURE....HERITAGE.....

We are spending a lot of money but when it comes to telugu movie we'll start calculating just for 15 RM.....Itz the only place many telugu people can gather frequently and you can make more friends

My dear friends on this occassion i'm requesting all my telugu friends please encourage telugu cinema in malaysia,the people who are releasing the movies are not enough rich to bear the loss every time. As they want to show the current trends among telugu people through movies...You encourage them just by spending 15 RM or still you felt price is high you request them but don't miss this rare opportunities...

By considering the price.....we are reducing the price on this weekend screening of PANJAA telugu movie......Itz just 12 RM...please come and watch on big screen and meet all our telugu friends

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