Monday, July 11, 2011

Still no Telugu channel over Astro

There is already another new Tamil comedy channel added but still no Telugu channel. About 8 channels for them and only about 2hrs or so Telugus to watch and there is no Telugu programme over Astro anyway from 7.00 pm - 1.00 am(prime time).

There is even not one minute of Telugu programme over Minnal FM on Sundays(rest day)

15,000 Telugus have gathered at Putrajaya while 5,000 gathered at PWTC and I believe 100,000 are gathering at our next occasion.

The only resolution this time should be Telugu channel. As we know Telugu channel would play very important role to safeguard Telugu language. Some can say DVDs/ CD/VCD could solve our problem but even we want to watch them if we have wait until all serials end.

As old Malay saying "Bahasa Hilang Bangsa Hilang" Even our TAM 1st objective is under Rule 2 - To promote,preserve and safeguard the Telugu language


  1. yes indeed, i agree with Enkatesulu's statement. We as Telugus must save guard our mothertougue and to preserve the heritage of our own language. This is our right as Telugus and no one shall take it away from us. 'Protect and give shelter to our mothertongue'. That is our 'MOTO'.

  2. well said, but any suggestion as to address which enable Us see a Telugu channel over Astro

  3. When one has a monopoly over a product such as Astro, then one starts behaving like a bully. Which is what Astro is at present in Malaysia. Albert Einstein once famously said "If one attempts the same thing or same procedure repeatedly and expects a different result each time-that is akin to madness!". To expect Astro to be sympathetic to the Telugu community and hence introduce a Telugu channel/ more programming amongst their channels is simply not going to occur. We have to understand this reality.Forget Astro.Look towards alternate methods to safeguard/ promote our culture. An attempt towards studying the feasibility of a 24 hour Telugu FM channel should be explored. Using the Internet, establish first a Database amongst the Telugu community. Start regular communication first on our core issues. Elicit views and opinions from across the Telugu diaspora in Malaysia as how best we can achieve our objectives.Impress upon them the true meaning of being a Telugu and the value of our heritage and culture.
    My personal opinion is that we should concentrate on long-term objectives. And this should be providing proper quality education from school upwards.Reward excellence at each level. Establish scholarships for deserving students and send them abroad for higher studies and ensure they return to Malaysia to enrichen the community as well as the nation. Teach and promote enterprise/ being innovative from the school level. The size of a community does not really matter. It is what clout and influence they have amongst society that truly matters. Look at the Jewish community in the US. Look at the Parsi(Tata's), Marwari(Birla's)or the Sikh community in India. They are bold, enterprising and think out of the box.Even though their population amongst Indians is small, their contribution towards their own community in India and elsewhere is massive. If we concentrate upon education and the avenues that are opened up consequently-we will be a successful & a productive community in Malaysia. Issues like Telugu TV channels etc will then simply follow.


    Please find out any solution to get atleast one channel ex:Gemini in malaysia in JB state.
    seriously we are not able to see one channel in telugu. For Tamil people not a problem they are getting sun TV. gemini is also in sun network but why it is not coming.
    if it cost more please how much we have to pay for the subscription.

  5. please find out any solution. atleast one gemini channel and tv9 news.