Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ugadi Pachchadi goes Commerical

Taste of Ugadi gets commercial

Traditional values are going for a toss with the concept of market economy entering every sphere of human life.

‘Ugadi Pachchadi', one of the most traditional dishes and an important ingredient of the Telugu new year festivities in every household, is no more an exception.

Instand "Ugadi Pachchadi is found at several sweet shop owners along with the various other savouries such as ‘poornalu', ‘garelu', ‘bobbatlu', ‘pulihora', ‘palathalikalu', and ‘chakralu' specially prepared for this festival.

“Are selling the ‘pachchadi' for more than a decade and every year and it is an overwhelming response. The ‘pachchadi' is available for Rs.180 per kg. The least quantity one can buy is 250 grams (Rs.45),”

People preferred buying ready-made ‘pachchadi' as they were finding it difficult to get the neem flowers, which adds bitterness to the dish.

All the rituals before the preparation of the chutney and offered puja to goddess Kanaka Durga and begin the preparation by 4 a.m. on Ugadi day.

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