Saturday, February 19, 2011

National seminar on Humour in Telugu & Hindi

Focus on humour in Telugu, Hindi works

The humour side of Telugu and Hindi literature was explored at a national seminar on ‘Humour in Telugu and Hindi literature' organised by Sri Durga Malleswara Siddharth Mahila Kalasala here on Thursday at Vijayawada. Andhra Pradesh

Quickly reeling off many facets of humour including wit, satire, fun, comedy etc. available in Telugu and Hindi literature, the speakers felt that a sprinkle of humour and wit in every day's life would do wonders, and underscored the need to rejuvenate and patronage mother tongues.

The Telugu and Hindi languages were rich in humour, which was one of the most important elements of a life.

However, both languages lack patronage from people.

The parents and students, now, were nursing a false notion that learning one's mother tongue was old-fashioned and mediocre. They may learn English for their survival in the competitive world, but should not neglect their mother tongues, they asserted.

Retired professor and Director of Mysore University R.V.S. Sundaram, who delivered keynote address, said that a sense of humour was not only one of the primary building blocks of an enjoyable life, but also the byproducts of humour lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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