Saturday, November 6, 2010

Astro cancel all Telugu programmes for Deepavali 2010

Below message from Malaysian Telugu(facebook)

Astro cancel all Telugu Programmes for today (5th Nov 2010) Deepavali.
We hope Astro will broadcast extra Telugu programmes but cancel all Telugu programmes on channel 201.
Telugu in Malaysia not celebrate Deepavali??? As subscriber we have right to call or email and ask about this with Astro. Please call 1 300 82 3838 o...r email to wecare email with Astro Account Number.

My Comment

No point calling Astro as every time they do that, as though Telugus not celebrating Deepavali. Write/ email/telegram to PM/ Ministry of Information, Communication & Culture highlighting injustice done to our Telugus especially TAM should do press statement and the branches to attention of respective MPs.

Even if we...... are allowed to use Satellite Dish, the channels are not that entertaining as no dramas(serials) / very old movies only news and news and The earliest we can view the channels is at after 10.30 pm or so as most of us (Malaysian Telugus) are following Tamil serials over Astro.

The best option is Gemini channel via Astro

Bahasa hilang Bangsa hilang.

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