Friday, October 15, 2010

Telugu 1st Statesman's Greetings to Malaysian Telugus

Rosaiah greets Telugu's 150-yr in Malaysia
Hyderabad Friday, Oct 8 2010 IST

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister K Rosaiah has extended his warm felicitation and greetings to the Telugu people celebrating their 150-year stay in Malaysia.

Recalling the legendary King Sri Krishna Devaraya pronouncement that the Telugu language had honorary past, Mr Rosaiah in a message release here to media said that his government would do everything to encourage Telugu language and culture.

Commanding the Telugus in Malaysia for keeping their heritage and links with people in India, the chief minister said the Telugu people migrated years ago for trade, had maintained their cultural link.

He greeted Telugu people allover the world who were working for the development of Telugu language and Culture.
My comment: Government of Andhra Pradesh should play an important role in organising every two years(biennial) at least, meetings/conference in uniting all Telugu organisations around the world to order to monitoring all Telugu activities.

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