Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flash back- Ugadi & Appreciation Dinner 1983

Dr A C Appa Rao AMN

Where back in 1983 almost after 30 years later after the establishment of Andhra Association of Malaysia(now known as Telugu Association of Malaysia) celebration Ugadi(Telugu New Year) for the first time at National level. At the same celebration some of the Telugus leaders were also honoured to all those who have served Telugu Community so that they may serve as examples for futher leaders.
Dato' Dr A Krishna Moorthy who was then, the Deputy President was the Organising Chairman of the Ugadi/ Appreciation Dinner 1983

It was then Dr. A C Appa rao AMN who was kind enough to serve as the President for more 20 years. It is during his term that Second World Telugu Conference cum Silver Jubilee was held 1981 in Malaysia
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Source: Ugadhi Appreciation Dinner Souvenir programme 1983;
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