Monday, March 1, 2010

Telugu TV news channels misleading reports of Andhra Pradesh

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Dear Enkate,
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Over the past couple of weeks, some Telugu news channels have been indulging in severely misleading reporting about Hyderabad in their bid for high TRPs through sensationalism.

They have been making it look like the whole of Hyderabad is burning, while in reality incidents of unrest have been happening in a small part of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has already been hurt by the incidents of the past 3 months - the last thing we need now is irresponsible reporting that makes things look bad even when they really aren't any more.

We at believe that a good part of the problem is being caused by irresponsible reporting by the electronic media, that tends to hype the smallest of incidents to monstrous proportions.

Somebody has to stop them and their competitive sensationalism - and it has to be the citizens of this city.

We have all enjoyed the growth of this city into an IT and biotech hub, and the jobs, lifestyle and dignity it gave us.

It's time for us to now give back, and save the city from reckless TV coverage that is killing Brand Hyderabad when the city is back to being just as safe and cool as it always was.

Here's how to do that. Post your protests on the forum below, and once the number of messages crosses 100, we at will take prints of each message and send them to the CEOs of all those TV channels we believe are doing damaging reporting: is one of India's largest local guides, with close to 3,00,000 unique visits a month now - and every post you make instantly gets onto our home page. It's the fastest and best way to get heard about this issue.

Protest now, and together we citizens of Hyderabad will all make them stop the damaging reporting soon.

The Team

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