Monday, January 4, 2010

Pending Telugu Issues to be addressed - 2010

Telugu language is not offered in PMR or SPM examinations?

To date, there are about 1050 students who are following POL Telugu classes at some of the government schools such as at Bagan Datoh, Sungai Sumun,Hutan Melintang,Teluk Intan, Klang, Shah Alam, Sunway, Puchong, Batu Caves, Rawang Sitiawan, Bahau, Kulim and Sungai Petani which totals to about 35 classes. But what is saddened and disappointed is, ever since 1993 Telugu language is not being offered any more as an optional subject in PMR and SPM examinations.

No Telugu channel for malaysian Telugus?

The private pay channel “ASTRO” in our country has not been considerate to air enough programmes for the Telugu community. The least they could have done is to at least allocate five to eight hours Telugu programmes every day and upgrade the Telugu serials and have if they had valued us, the Telugu community, as their customers too. or we being the minority group and are not deemed to be heard.
Then, we seek approval for satellite dishes to be allowed as there are lot satellite dishes around the country especially in the Perak,Kedah,Perlis,Johor and East Malaysia. And we should not be sidelined in the field of mother -tongue entertainment.

Telugu Senator ?

TAM has asked the government to consider appointing a senator from their community to highlight in Parliament the problems being faced by our community.
TAM added that the community subscribes were disappointed with the time allocated for them over ASTRO.

Telugu programmes over RTM?

Dr Achaiah kumar Rao further said that they would submit a memorandum to Information Communication and Culture Minister urging for additional time for the Telugu community on Minnal FM, the Tamil-based radio programme on RTM.

Is TAM conducting pre-census exercise?

The population census of Malaysia is being carried out once in every ten years. The last census was carried out from 5/7/2000 till 20/7/2000. Next population census exercise would be carried out possible during the month of June/July 2010 throughout the country. Past experience has shown that as Telugus and Tamils are look alike there are many occasions we are recorded as Tamils. As we, Telugus living in Malaysia must explain to the census officers to ensure that Telugus are recorded as Telugus in the Census Form: Telugu Kod 65. If every Telugu irrespective of whether a member or not member of Telugu Association of Malaysia must play his or her role firmly during the census exercise being done. That will prove to the Government the correct Telugu population and strength of the Telugus in this country.
If fact this is very important and pass this message on to all Telugus you meet so that they will be well aware of their rights by the time the Census begins? or TAM conducting pre census exercise?

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