Thursday, November 19, 2009

Telugu Sister Motherly touch

Shanti Muthukumaran Velu pours her love to those in need of support and understanding
Maternal affection: Shanti Muthukumaraan Velu, better known as Mathaji, reaches out to others via motivational talks
Instead of becoming bitter because of a painful past, Shanti has opted to shake off the shackles of resentment and help others who are experiencing the mental anguish of lif's harship. Today, they call Shanti "Mathaji" - the divine light who touches the soul.
Her story began 11 years aga when Shanti and her husband Muthukumaran Velu were on the verge of suicide.
By all standards, Shanti had all makings of a bright future. The third child of six siblings, Shanti grew up at 18th mile, Kuala Bernam Estate, Bagan Datoh where her father Kunchaloo Enkannah, now 78 worked as a taxi driver
A former student of SMK Johari, and her primary education from Kuala Bernam Telugu School whose Telugu teachers were Sri Appalanarisah and Sri B. K Simanchalam.
By the age of 17, she garnered the place second runner-up in a beauty contest held at the Petaling Jaya Civic Centre and had no less than five marriage proposals to consider.
But Shanti felt that she was too young for marriage and instead, opted to stay with her sister and her husband in Sabah where she taught at an elementary school and gave tutoring with whom she married in 1989.
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Reference: The Sunday Star : April 5, 2009

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