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Memorial service of late CM Andhra Pradesh in Malaysia

Santapa Sabha in honor of our late C.M of Andhra Pradesh - Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy Garu

On 11/9/2009 about 100 Telugus and others gathered to pay tribute to the late C.M. Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy Garu at the Indian High Commission Kuala Lumpur.Malaysia
Smt Durga Priya was the Master of Ceremony of the event who read out detailed biography and also recited a Telugu poem about the late C.M. Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy Garu.

Sri Dr Achaiah Kumar Rao, President of Telugu Association of Malaysia (TAM) thanked all those who attended and highlighted that late C.M. Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy Garu(YSR) is a great lost not only for India but also the Telugus outside of India. As it was during his term that AP Government provided about 6000 Telugu primary text books for our Malaysian Telugu students and even allowed Telugu teachers from AP to help the holiday classes conducted in Malaysia. The President went on to say that "I hope and pray that good tides with the Government of AP would continue".

The guest of honour for the event was His Excellency Ashok K. Kantha, Indian High Commissioner of Malaysia who also added that it is very saddened to lose a great leader of his kind. His Excellency added Dr YSR initiated a variety of programmes that influence the Economy of Andhra Pradesh and for the benefit of the common people and farming community.Followed by Indian classical music by Sitarist Steven and tabla specialist Sri Ravi.

After which Sri B. N. Reddy Garu, Deputy High Commissioner was kind enough to share his views about the great leader how he was able to touch the hearts of the people of Andhra Pradesh as some of them could not accept the fact that YSR has demised, and they took their own lives.
Sri B. N. Reddy went on say about Dr YSR programmes like JalaYagnam as to improve irrigation facilities to the farmers,and the health insurance and emergency services scheme for rural masses where the government pays the entire price of any surgery up to 200,000 rupee and does not require people to pay any premium and Pavala Vaddi a program that provides loans to people at 3% per year so as to encourage them to take up small scale businesses rural women and reimbursement and reservations colleges fees for minorities.The event ended with light refreshments.
Sri Vengkatesh, Vice President of TAM was the Coordinator of this event who also presented a slide show about the Dr YSR.
Of all those who attended there were even about 5 members from Seremban while another 5 Telugu members namely Sri BK Simachalam, Ramulu, Soorinarayana, Ramu and Appalanaidu Akiah who came as far as from Bagan Datoh/Teluk Intan (150kms away from KL ), the birth place of Andhra Association of Malaya which to date, known as Telugu Association of Malaysia.
It could have been much more effective if only most of the Klang valley branches office-bearers and all national council members would have turned up.
During Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy term that Telugu Association of Malaysia Delegation to Andhra Pradesh from 19 – 29/8/2005
The Delegation led by the Deputy President Dr Achaiah Kumar Rao followed Vice President cum Organising Secretary of Golden Jubilee Sri Enkatesulu Juvalu, Athi Narayanara ,Sri Sree Ramulu, General Secretary Sri Appalanaidu Akiah General Treasurer J S Maniam and Asst General Secretary Venkatesah, National Youth Deputy Chief Sri Venkataravana and Selangor and Wilayah Chairman Suriaraya visited Andhra Pradesh met our beloved Telugu Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, Sri M.Sathanarayana Rao, Minister of Sports and Culture & Cinematography , Sri D Prasada Rao, Minister Revenue & Rehabilitation and Youth Services, Sri G N Rao, Commissioner of Youth and all other State officials to extend our invitation for Golden Jubilee Celebration in Malaysia from 3,4 & 5 March 2006 and to discuss to create better ties between Andhra Pradesh and Malaysian Telugus.
World Telugu Associations Committee Meeting 10-11/9/2005
Dr Paul Naidu , President and myself (Enkatesulu Juval) represented at above meeting held
10 -11/ 9/2005 at the Jubilee Hall, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The guest of honour was Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Almost 50 Telugu Associations including Malaysia participated in a two day convention at Hyderabad,AP. Mainly discussed to propagate Telugu language, Culture ie to celebrate Ugadi,Sankranti and AP Formation Day. It was decided to hold World Telugu Conference in January 2006 coinciding with 'Pravasi Bharathiya Divas'at Hyderabad,AP.Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy assured the meeting that all possible support in preserving and propagating Telugu culture language and identity of Telugus in every part of the country and also across the globe.Minister for Sports and Culture Sri M Satyanarana Rao, assured that the AP Government will assist in Telugus teachers, pujaris, cultural troupes to help the Telugus abroad.All Associations are requested to register themselves with the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation to enjoy special concessions to members visiting AP.
We like to thank Sri Arja Srikantha, Director of Culture & Sri G N Rao Commissioner of Youth Services and both thier teams for the hospitality rendered to us.
Enkatesulu Juval
Vice PresidentTelugu Association of Malaysia

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