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Where Did Parameswara Come From? The Origin StoryBy Scott Thong

AMS Says: September 17, 08 at 12:23 am
You make a movie with that guy who created Starwars. Steven Speilberg, hope got his name right.
And maybe you can collaborate Stephen King for the scary stuff… hehe..good read,

Thevarajan Says: May 3, 09 at 8:08 am
i am quite sure that parameswara, as the name suggests in sanskrit language, parama (supreme) and iswara (lord), came to temasek from palembang. but where was he before that??
he and company were escaping from another place – sri lanka, after trying to settle and rule there. but even before that, his home was – you guessed, tamil nadu, india! he was an indian prince the chronology should read:
parameswara, indian prince — sri lanka — palembang — temasek — melaka
his final destination and subsequent rule was significant, but equally significant was his country of origin

Marc Neal Says: July 8, 09 at 4:41 pm
Parames(h)wara was a tamil outlaw. Maybe from Mainland Tamil land or SriLanka (at that time predominently Tamil as the Aryans were still migrating there). The Tamils being seafarers, he fled to Sumatra and did what he knows best…became an outlaw there too. He had to flee there too and came to Temasik…Got into trouble there too.
By now he got fed up of running so he sets up base in the jungles of Malaka his hideout. builds a small army of pirates and loots the straits and builds his rishes and declares himself king…
The indian influence is too strong in south east asia to deny this fact…Hinduism, Sanscrit or more rightly tamil (south indian) names, sculptures all the way east in Angkor Wat which is similar to the Tamil sculptures found til date in Tamilnadu India…
Parameswara converted to Islam to get protection from the traders from North Indians (Islamic Sultanates) and Arabs. Then, married a chinese noble lady to get protection from the chinese. Thus, avoiding any conflict or takeover of his small and fragile kingdom Hence, The Malay royality is actually half chinese royalty and half indian outlaw. Assuming any relation to Alexander the Great is just unfounded and ludicrous

thinkingScott Thong Says: July 8, 09 at 4:57 pm
What about the aliens theory? :p
Btw, any links for us to read up more on Parameswara as a historical figure? I’d like to learn more about his pre-Sumatera days.

enkatesulujuval Says: August 8, 09 at 2:07 pm
Parameswara is a Telugu as looking at the name itself, as all tamil names end with n. I have read his articles that says he is a Telugu and his links with Central India (Andhra Pradesih) There are more Telugus than Tamil in this World. Even most spoken language of the South is Telugu, Andhra Pradesh itself about 90 million while 40% of Tamil Nadu are Telugus and what other part of India, Malaysia,Singapore and others

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  1. Do you know number of Telugu speakers in the world? Tamil nadu or Kerala or Karnataka ruled by Telugu Kings. 30% of Orissa state also Telugu, How about Madya Pradesh, West Bengal? I think about 200million Telugu speaking people only in India, The largest number think about it