Thursday, June 4, 2009

Telugu Population Census

Telugu Population of Malaysia Kod 65

The population census of Malaysia is being carried out once in every ten years. The last census was carried out from 5/7/2000 till 20/7/2000. Next population census exercise would be carried out possible during the month of June/July 2010 throughout the country. During this period, census officers would call at every household for the purpose of interviewing and obtaining detailed data such as racial origin, language spoken, religion, number of people in each household, their ages, educational qualifications, occupation, type of school attended by children etc.

Basically thus information is obtained by the Government to shape Government policy, from time to time as the benefit and uplifting of the standard of the people of Malaysia.

Past experience has shown that as Telugus and Tamils are look alike there are many occasions we are recorded as Tamils.

As we, Telugus living in Malaysia must explain to the census officers to ensure that Telugus are recorded as Telugus in the Census Form: Telugu Kod 65. If every Telugu irrespective of whether a member or not member of Telugu Association of Malaysia must play his or her role firmly during the census exercise being done. That will prove to the Government the correct Telugu population and strength of the Telugus in this country.

If fact this is very important and pass this message on to all Telugus you meet so that they will be well aware of their rights by the time the Census begins.

Enkatesulu Juval
Ex Vice President/ General Secretary
Telugu Association of Malaysia.


  1. Dear Venkatesulu,

    I have seen your blog and I am happy to note that you are still serving the Community by providing information relating to Telugus. Keep up the good job.


    Appanna Naidu

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